LA Omakase List 2023

To say I’m surprised I spent time on this Los Angeles list would be an understatement.

If you’ve followed any of my content (jesus, I hate that word), you’d likely know my feeling on the City of Angels. 

I’m not saying I hate LA, but I am saying that I was rooting for the Sharknado. 

But the truth is that when I posted my New York City Omakase List, one of the most common responses on that app called TikTok was “DO ONE FOR LOS ANGELES”.

I’m nothing if not a sucker for the people, so after 10 hours of manual labor, here we are.

Some guidelines to avoid the angry deluge of emails: the courses are approximate and can change nightly based on a host of factors. The pricing doesn’t include gratuities (which is included at some sushiya, extra at others – so tip generously). And to qualify, a restaurant has to offer an Omakase AND it must have some nigiri. Now, “Omakase” translates loosely as “leave it to you”, so some people will try and tell you sushi doesn’t have to be included. My response to that is: my list, my rules. Go enjoy your Ice Cream Omakase at Morgenstern’s (a real, very scary thing) and gold foil sushi without me.

Cheers as always.

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2023 LA Omakase List