We’ve said for years that it’d be great if we could expand the way we update our readers beyond the reach of Mark Zuckerberg’s thumbs. The SushiShinbun is exactly that. Shinbun – or Shimbum, both sort of work – is the Japanese word for newspaper. That said, this won’t be a traditional newspaper; instead, it will be a regular collection of information, musings, pictures and reviews. It will be interactive and iterative. It won’t be long (I promise), and – like everything I’ve done – it will be free from the long reach of Corporate America.

I’m sure there will be plenty of tweaks — your feedback will be invaluable — but the goal for now is to supplement with this bi-weekly newsletter. I promise to keep this short, sweet, regular and packed with pictures. Newsletter topics  – which will include a weekly feature/industry interview, news from around the sushi world and more – will rarely be re-posted to the blog.

Recent topics include:

  • All about that mysterious Uni auction in Tokyo
  • Sushi restaurants have grown 50% in a decade – how?
  • Q&A with a Sushi Distribution Legend
  • The MOST exciting sushiya opening in 2021

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Thanks as always for reading.