New York City Sushi Guide 2023

There’s not too much beauty in New York City. 

I know it has the reputation for the glitz and glamour, but I promise you that fantasy will evaporate the second you see a pack of cockroaches that have somehow developed (evolved???) the ability to fly. Really, unless rats scurrying between/in/on/through subway cars is your thing, there are about 745 cities I’d recommend visiting first, including Mordor, which may or may not be a city.

But I’d be lying if I said this concrete jungle didn’t have its moments. For instance, if you happen to be on the bike path on the west side of lower Manhattan around sunset, you might get the view pictured above.

Or, more relevant to why you’re here, there are few places outside of Japan that have the diversity and quality of The Big Apple when it comes to sushi.

That’s fantastic, but it usually means I regularly receive variations of the following questions:

1. I’m in New York City next weekend. Do you have a sushi recommendation?

2. My partner-in-life/crime has a birthday next week. Do you have a sushi recommendation?

3. My team’s at Madison Square Garden playing the Knicks next Sunday. My name is Lebron James. Do you have a sushi recommendation?

As always, the answers to those questions are completely based on factors like budget, style preference, aversion to fish (fine?), aversion to rice (go away). 

The good news is that the sheer volume of sushiya in this city – approximately 745,000 at last check – means you don’t have to spend your paycheck going to a Michelin Star restaurant if you don’t want to (but there’s no shortage of those – see below).

Below, I’ve collected all the articles/clickbait I’ve written on New York and sushi in one place. I hope it covers every question you have, but feel free to drop me a line at or follow me on Instagram at @TheSushiLegend and slide into the DMs if not.

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Thanks for reading.

Koyo in Queens ($220)
Sushi Noz UWS ($495)