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The Sushi Legend is a passion project, borne from an unhealthy amount of time/money/battery spent digesting sushi both literally (through eating) and figuratively (through, uh, books). Ever since my mom brought me my first futomaki as an after school snack – I can still taste the fridge-hardened rice – I’ve been fascinated by a craft that is simultaneously simple and complex, both built on tradition and driven by modernity.

The name is driven from a desire to profile the legends of the sushi world. Apart from being a creative outlet, this blog is a testament to those itamae, as well as my love for sushi. I love the harmony of the shari and neta, I love experiencing different interpretations, but most of all, I enjoy how difficult it is to fake. My hope is that readers will use these words to share in my love for one of Japan’s greatest cultural gifts. Or at the very least, realize that the internet has now become a place for anyone to write anything that they want.